Traffichunt запускает Push-уведомления

Самая ожидаемая новость -Traffichunt запускает Push-уведомления. Почему стоит попробовать этот формат: 1. Единственный реальный трафик без ботов. Клиенты получают ограниченное количество уведомлений в день и могут отписаться в любой момент. Эти факторы обеспечивают качественный трафик и живую аудиторию для кампаний. 2. 100% охват и эффективность. Рекламное сообщение отображается непосредственно на устройстве пользователя или в браузере, […] … Read more


Traffichunt launches push notifications

The most anticipated news -Traffichunt launches push notifications. Why you should try this format: 1. The only real traffic without bots. Users receive  the limited number of notifications per day and can unsubscribe at any time. These factors provide quality traffic and a live audience for campaigns. 2. 100% coverage and performance. The advertising message […] … Read more


IP Ranges: New Targeting Capabilities on TrafficHunt

TrafficHunt extended targeting capabilities for advertisers. Now you’re able to setup IP ranges and get visitors only from certain IP addresses. This targeting option is available in two variations: Set specific IP addresses separated by comma: in this case you’ll get impressions only from these IP-s Set IP range: get impressions from the entire range […] … Read more


How to setup retargeting on traffichunt

Everyone knows what is retargeting (if you don’t, check our post), but if you have never faced with it before, there might be some problems in setup. Here’s a short how-to session for Retargeting setup in TrafficHunt. Retargeting gives ability to return the audience interested in a specific offer again to the target page. You […] … Read more

CPA Goal

Pay only for convertible traffic with CPA Goal

Do you want to run CPM-campaigns without spending money for unprofitable impressions? It becomes possible, only if the traffic cost directly depends on the actual profit. This is the main principle of CPA Goal. TrafficHunt offers a synergy of CPM cost and CPA performance: the traffic cost is defined by the profit it generates on […] … Read more


Run of Network vs. Site Specific Buy: What to choose?

When setting up a campaign on TrafficHunt, an advertiser can choose either ‘Run of Network’ or ‘Site Specific Buy’ inventory. Some of our advertisers are confused by what these terms mean, and what to choose for getting the required result. After reading this post you will have a clear understanding of both approaches, and will […] … Read more