Attend Moscow Affiliate Conference 2017 together with TrafficHunt

Want to be in the swim of the world’s affiliate marketing business? Attend Moscow Affiliate Conference 2017 together with TrafficHunt. The conference takes place in Moscow, Russia on March 30, being focused on CPA marketing and affiliate business. It is a place where the leading international players gather to discuss the latest industry insights, share […] … Read more


New on TrafficHunt: Each creative now has its WEIGHT

TrafficHunt has launched a new feature for advertisers – Creative WEIGHT. Weight defines what part of campaign traffic a certain banner will be displayed to. For instance, if you set 20% weight, 20% of traffic will see this specific banner. You can set it in Creatives section inside campaign settings: You can set weights both […] … Read more


We are going to Affiliate World Asia 2016

TrafficHunt is starting this winter at Bangkok, Thailand, attending Affiliate World Asia 2016. This is the biggest Asian event in affilaite industry, where we will be discussing the latest updates in TrafficHunt advertising network. We will be happy to meet you there to discuss our plans for partnership and share the latest business ideas. The conference […] … Read more


Promote entertainment offers on TrafficHunt

While TrafficHunt is mostly associated with adult and dating traffic, we’ve been successfully developing another vertical – Entertainment. Thus our clients get the highest quality entertainment traffic for boosting campaigns in this niche. Join! Our entertainment traffic inventory includes mobile and desktop popunders, all GEOs. We provide the topnotch privileges, including: Highly convertible traffic sources […] … Read more


TrafficHunt Payment Terms

Making the first deposit or the first funds withdrawal can cause many questions – what option to choose, how long to wait until money appear on your account, etc. Let us explain the basic terms for advertisers and publishers. Payment terms for advertisers To start buying traffic on TrafficHunt, you need to make a deposit. The […] … Read more


TrafficHunt is attending Webmaster Access 2016

It has become a tradition for TrafficHunt to attend Webmaster Access in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. This year we are heading there as a Platinum Sponsor of the event. During September 15-19 we will be actively meeting with partners and colleagues, sharing our business ideas and professional plans. Webmaster Access 2016 is one of the leading […] … Read more


CPA Goal: Practical Case Review

Numbers speak better than words when it comes to evaluating some new feature. That’s why we decided to make a short review of CPA Goal performance on the real campaign from our partner. So let’s go! What is all about? CPA Goal is the approach for automatic bid adjustment based on real traffic performance. You […] … Read more


Update for Publishers: Track the Statistics by Back URL or Alternative Code

This time our innovations are targeted towards publishers. TrafficHunt team has implemented the display of statistics by back URL (for popunder ads) and alternative code (for banners). A publisher is able to see the full picture regarding how his traffic is sold out, and make proper re-adjustments to improve the future result. The unsold traffic […] … Read more


TOP Bid: Real-Time Traffic Prices For Successful Campaign Setup

Information is the key in online advertising business. That is why TrafficHunt does its best to provide advertisers with all data required for successful campaigns setup and maintenance. Recently we’ve added one more helper into Inventory Settings – TOP Bid. Using this option, an advertiser can view the TOP bids for the available inventory. You […] … Read more

Auto Bidding scheme

TrafficHunt Launches Auto Bidding System

Improvements are never enough, when it comes to maximizing the revenue from online advertising. With the new feature from TrafficHunt you can make the traffic perfectly adjusted to your requirements on-the-go. Auto Bidding System helps advertisers to get traffic with the highest payback and avoid spending money on traffic with inadequate return. Auto Bidding saves […] … Read more