TrafficHunt launches Programmatic Advertising through OpenRTB


Over the couple months we were actively testing PROGRAMMATIC ADVERTISING with our trusted partners, and from now on this technology is available for all comers. Direct integration with our ad network gives: Access to unlimited PREMIUM traffic inventory Reduced costs – buying only target impressions by RTB Reduced waste – no need to setup multiple sources […] … Read more

IP Ranges: New Targeting Capabilities on TrafficHunt


TrafficHunt extended targeting capabilities for advertisers. Now you’re able to setup IP ranges and get visitors only from certain IP addresses. This targeting option is available in two variations: Set specific IP addresses separated by comma: in this case you’ll get impressions only from these IP-s Set IP range: get impressions from the entire range […] … Read more

New on TrafficHunt: Each creative now has its WEIGHT


TrafficHunt has launched a new feature for advertisers – Creative WEIGHT. Weight defines what part of campaign traffic a certain banner will be displayed to. For instance, if you set 20% weight, 20% of traffic will see this specific banner. You can set it in Creatives section inside campaign settings: You can set weights both […] … Read more

TrafficHunt Anti-AdBlock Technology for Ads: 20% more profit for publishers!


Currently more than 20% of online users use AdBlock, and this means that ads don’t reach 20% of the potential audience. Good news for TrafficHunt publishers: we successfully bypass AdBlock and bring you 20% additional revenue! Statistics shows that the number of users running AdBlock constantly grows, and by 2017-2018 there will be at least […] … Read more

Pay only for convertible traffic with CPA Goal

CPA Goal

Do you want to run CPM-campaigns without spending money for unprofitable impressions? It becomes possible, only if the traffic cost directly depends on the actual profit. This is the main principle of CPA Goal. TrafficHunt offers a synergy of CPM cost and CPA performance: the traffic cost is defined by the profit it generates on […] … Read more

TrafficHunt Launches Auto Bidding System

Auto Bidding scheme

Improvements are never enough, when it comes to maximizing the revenue from online advertising. With the new feature from TrafficHunt you can make the traffic perfectly adjusted to your requirements on-the-go. Auto Bidding System helps advertisers to get traffic with the highest payback and avoid spending money on traffic with inadequate return. Auto Bidding saves […] … Read more

TrafficHunt Launches Anti-AdBlock Technology for Popunders

Anti Ad Block

Presenting a web page fully free from advertisements is a disaster for publishers who want to monetize their websites. And this is exactly what AdBlock does: popunder ads become invisible on the page, and a publisher simply doesn’t get the full pay for his ad space. Good news for TrafficHunt publishers: we successfully bypass AdBlock […] … Read more

RETARGETING: Get only the most convertible impressions

retargeting scheme

Running a retargeting ad campaign now is easier than ever in TrafficHunt. And that is why it is worth your attention: 98% of users interested in the advertised product do not complete their order at the first time getting to the offer page. However, such users are much more likely to bring you conversions in […] … Read more