CPA Goal: Practical Case Review


Numbers speak better than words when it comes to evaluating some new feature. That’s why we decided to make a short review of CPA Goal performance on the real campaign from our partner. So let’s go!

What is all about?

CPA Goal is the approach for automatic bid adjustment based on real traffic performance. You virtually buy CPA performance at CPM rates. It helps to set safe and stable campaign profitability. You automatically buy traffic with the desired outcome. The system will adjust bids respectively:

  • Android+Carrier works good for you – here you go, bid is going up, you get more traffic of this type.
  • Can’t make profit from Wifi+iOS? System will do it for you. Bid getting lower until it reaches your target.
  • Offer isn’t stable from date to date? No worries, you won’t lose anything while sleeping.

You can’t lose money for nothing: you simply won’t spend it, if you’re not getting conversions.

CPA Goal in action

We release a sneak peek of our partner’s statistics to demonstrate how CPA Goal works in real environment. To be clear, neither targeting nor creatives were changed to see the clean effect of CPA Goal. We analyze it under otherwise equal conditions.

Stage 1: No CPA Goal

According to advertiser’s requirements, CPA must not exceed $1.2, otherwise the campaign becomes unprofitable for him. The advertiser initially sets $0.245 bid price for the 1st week testing and here’s what he gets (click on the image to extend):


During the six days of testing the campaign didn’t exceed the CPA target only twice, on 05/27 and 05/30. Seeing good dynamics during the first two days, the advertiser decides not to change his bid. This results in drastic CPA growth during the next two days, and again, a little CPA decrease on 05/30.

Total CPA for the first 6 days was $1.35 that is way too far from the CPA Goal ($1.2). The campaign is not as profitable, as the advertiser needed.

Stage 2: CPA Goal enabled!

We’ve setup CPA Goal on this campaign and see what’s happened: from day to day it showed stably acceptable performance, not reaching or exceeding the TOP CPA limit of $1.2 (click on the image to extend).


There was no need to make any changes in settings, traffic sources and other campaign properties. The advertiser set his goal for CPA, and the rest was setup automatically by our system algorithms.

The total CPA was $1.05 that is even better than his initial CPA Goal of $1.2. The CPA Goal campaign brought $0.3 cheaper total CPA than the same campaign in standard configuration.

Edge cases

Fortunately, due to reasonable targeting and high quality of the provided traffic, there was no edge cases, when CPA not only exceeds the target, but also exceeds the advertiser’s payout. Testing on longer time periods shows that maintaining the desired performance requires investing huge amount of time and efforts on figuring out the correct CPM, choosing traffic sources and analyzing statistics. CPA Goal undertakes all this, giving way better outcome.

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