How to setup retargeting on traffichunt


Everyone knows what is retargeting (if you don’t, check our post), but if you have never faced with it before, there might be some problems in setup. Here’s a short how-to session for Retargeting setup in TrafficHunt.

Retargeting gives ability to return the audience interested in a specific offer again to the target page. You can track those, who visited it but haven’t completed an order, and renew their interest to your product or service by relevant advertisements. And here’s how it’s done on practice:

1 Creating retargeting list

In TrafficHunt Advertiser panel go to Campaigns > Tracking Codes, enter the name of your future retargeting list in List name field and press Generate.

retargeting 1

The generated list will be added to the Retargeting lists section below. By clicking on Preview link you will see the tracking pixel code that needs to be added to a page for tracking users.

2 Building-in a tracking pixel

You can track users from any page on your funnel:

  • Landing page
  • Product page
  • Registration page
  • Order page
  • Checkout, etc.

It depends on the action you’d like to track. Paste the tracking pixel code into the code of your page. From now on the pixel will collect user cookies for further use in Retargeting.

3 Create an ad campaign

In order to setup retargeting, you can create a new campaign, or update an existing one.

4 Add the retargeting list

In Edit Campaign interface go to Targeting tab and press Add Retargeting List button.

retargeting 2

Choose the required list in the dropdown and specify the type of Retargeting – negative or positive. If you choose Negative Retargeting, the advertisements will not be shown to users from your retargeting list. If you choose Positive Retargeting, the ads will be rotated only among users from the retargeting list.

retargeting 3

IMPORTANT: You can add more than one retargeting list to your campaign. And you can use the same retargeting list in more than one campaign (later about this).

Press Update Campaign in the bottom of the tab, and here you go – Retargeting starts bringing you conversions!

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