IP Ranges: New Targeting Capabilities on TrafficHunt


TrafficHunt extended targeting capabilities for advertisers. Now you’re able to setup IP ranges and get visitors only from certain IP addresses. This targeting option is available in two variations:

  • Set specific IP addresses separated by comma: in this case you’ll get impressions only from these IP-s
  • Set IP range: get impressions from the entire range of IP addresses

It is possible to specify a few ranges or certain IP addresses. You can find this option under Targeting section in Campaign settings:


If you try to fill in both fields at a time, you’ll get a warning:


Make sure to use one of the fields at a time. You can add all IP ranges one by one.

Besides IP targeting, you can filter incoming traffic by OS, connection type, day parts, language, browser and devices. Optimize spend on traffic and make your campaigns maximally targeted to the desired audience!

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