Promote entertainment offers on TrafficHunt


While TrafficHunt is mostly associated with adult and dating traffic, we’ve been successfully developing another vertical – Entertainment. Thus our clients get the highest quality entertainment traffic for boosting campaigns in this niche. Join! Our entertainment traffic inventory includes mobile and desktop popunders, all GEOs. We provide the topnotch privileges, including: Highly convertible traffic sources […] … Read more

TrafficHunt Payment Terms


Making the first deposit or the first funds withdrawal can cause many questions – what option to choose, how long to wait until money appear on your account, etc. Let us explain the basic terms for advertisers and publishers. Payment terms for advertisers To start buying traffic on TrafficHunt, you need to make a deposit. The […] … Read more

TrafficHunt is attending Webmaster Access 2016


It has become a tradition for TrafficHunt to attend Webmaster Access in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. This year we are heading there as a Platinum Sponsor of the event. During September 15-19 we will be actively meeting with partners and colleagues, sharing our business ideas and professional plans. Webmaster Access 2016 is one of the leading […] … Read more

TrafficHunt Anti-AdBlock Technology for Ads: 20% more profit for publishers!


Currently more than 20% of online users use AdBlock, and this means that ads don’t reach 20% of the potential audience. Good news for TrafficHunt publishers: we successfully bypass AdBlock and bring you 20% additional revenue! Statistics shows that the number of users running AdBlock constantly grows, and by 2017-2018 there will be at least […] … Read more

TrafficHunt is 2 years old today!


Today TrafficHunt celebrates its 2nd anniversary! We owe our partners, advertisers and publishers for today’s prosperity and global renown. Many thanks to you all! While ones become older, others become better. We belong to the second category, never stopping at what we have. We always see the goals to reach and the ways to achieve them. […] … Read more

Pay only for convertible traffic with CPA Goal

CPA Goal

Do you want to run CPM-campaigns without spending money for unprofitable impressions? It becomes possible, only if the traffic cost directly depends on the actual profit. This is the main principle of CPA Goal. TrafficHunt offers a synergy of CPM cost and CPA performance: the traffic cost is defined by the profit it generates on […] … Read more

Let Us Introduce Our Partner: ADSBRIDGE


We are excited to present you our new partner—an intelligent tracking software and traffic distribution system for affiliates, agencies and advertisers. We believe our collaboration will open new opportunities and make YOU—our clients—even more successful! AdsBridge The company was founded in 2012, and became one of the leading trackers used in performance marketing. AdsBridge platform provides […] … Read more

Update for Publishers: Track the Statistics by Back URL or Alternative Code


This time our innovations are targeted towards publishers. TrafficHunt team has implemented the display of statistics by back URL (for popunder ads) and alternative code (for banners). A publisher is able to see the full picture regarding how his traffic is sold out, and make proper re-adjustments to improve the future result. The unsold traffic […] … Read more