Pay only for convertible traffic with CPA Goal

CPA Goal

Do you want to run CPM-campaigns without spending money for unprofitable impressions? It becomes possible, only if the traffic cost directly depends on the actual profit. This is the main principle of CPA Goal.

TrafficHunt offers a synergy of CPM cost and CPA performance: the traffic cost is defined by the profit it generates on your offer. No more uncertainty in traffic behavior: you will buy only the traffic that brings expected profit volumes.

Applying for CPA Goal, you optimize the expenses for campaigns and improve the overall ROI. And like the icing on the cake – it’s all done automatically!

Who will benefit from CPA Goal?

CPA Goal is interesting for advertisers and affiliates. In both cases you receive the desired part of the available traffic flow at the best market price.

Performance benefits

CPA Goal provides increasing conversions and decreasing expenses at the same time. It offers powerful self-optimization for ad campaigns to support the desired level of performance stably. In many cases it helps to setup correct campaign targeting without need to perform complex marketing researches.

Time benefits

If to compare a standard CPM-campaign with a campaign that buys traffic at CPA Goal rates, the latter one requires about 80% less efforts and time for setup and maintenance. All statistical research and correct CPM bid calculation is performed by TrafficHunt algorithms.

And here is the main thing that inspired us to develop CPA Goal feature:

CPA Goal system is much more profitable for advertisers (affiliates) due to its price generation algorithm. It provides 24/7 campaign optimization and requires ZERO time from you. The traffic cost is calculated based on real-time external revenue, and this parameter is being corrected every 5-10 minutes due to the latest changes in traffic behavior.

How does it work?

  1. You setup an ad campaign, choose required targeting parameters (Ad Space, GEO, OS, Connection Type)
  2. The system tracks profit earned on each chosen segment.
  3. CPA Goal is enabled after reaching the required amount of external revenue.
  4. A cost per 1000 impressions (CPM bid) is calculated based on revenue.


CPA Goal 1

The CPM bid generated by this method brings a few distinct advantages:

  • The best converting traffic at the lowest possible price.
  • No expenses on non-performing traffic
  • Minimizing risks of financial loss and campaign failure
  • Campaign ROI boost (increasing conversions and decreasing expenses)

CPA Goal Setup

Setting up CPA Goal needs three easy steps to be done:

  1. Set our s2s pixel. This pixel will track the external revenue statistics and send it to our system.
  2. Setup ad campaign parameters, performing standard settings in TrafficHunt advertiser dashboard.
  3. Ask your advertiser manager to enable CPA Goal on the chosen campaign.

You can enable CPA Goal both on the existing campaign or the newly created ones.

How to use CPA Goal for campaign success?

Besides correct technical setup, CPA Goal success requires initially correct choice of target audience (traffic categories). If you’re unsure what segment is your target, don’t specify all traffic parameters in campaign settings. Leave the gap for campaign self-optimization in CPA Goal mode.

For example, you can choose a few mobile operating systems at once (iOS, Android, Windows Mobile). During the real-time analysis, CPA Goal algorithms will calculate the revenue from each separate segment and will correct its cost and volumes.

Are there any limitations for CPA Goal?

To prevent spending the entire campaign budget on system setup, we’ve limited campaign training: CPA Goal is enabled on each traffic segment after reaching $10 limit of External Revenue. After that the traffic will be purchased at the new cost calculated by CPA Goal algorithm.

How the system divides traffic between all interested advertisers?

Traffic is divided between all interested buyers proportionally to bids, by auction principle. The better traffic performs on the certain offer, the higher cost is set. Therefore, the more traffic is sent to a specific funnel.

Enable CPA Goal on your campaigns

CPA Goal is a perfect tool to enhance your advertising experience and simplify the process of optimizing ad campaigns. Use this opportunity for your commercial success together with TrafficHunt. For any questions and setup requests, please contact your advertiser manager or send email to

Soon we will post a use case review with statistics for CPA Goal performance.

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