RETARGETING: Get only the most convertible impressions

retargeting scheme

Running a retargeting ad campaign now is easier than ever in TrafficHunt. And that is why it is worth your attention:

98% of users interested in the advertised product do not complete their order at the first time getting to the offer page. However, such users are much more likely to bring you conversions in future. All you need to do, is to renew their interest to your product by showing advertisements, while they are surfing online. This is exactly what TrafficHunt provides:

  • clear and simple retargeting campaign setup
  • huge volumes of high-quality traffic in various segments
  • significant conversion rate growth
  • better brand recognition among interested users

When you setup retargeting campaign, interested users are sorted out from the rest of traffic. A small piece of code invisible on the target page collects such information. TrafficHunt allows creating retargeting list by any kind of user action:

  • clicking through the ad and getting to landing page
  • signup
  • signup confirmation
  • uncompleted order, etc.

Being highly precised in such configurations, an advertiser is able to reach the exact marketing goals in his campaign. Ads are rotated only among the interested users. It highly increases the offer attractiveness and stimulates sales. While there are no expenses on irrelevant traffic, ROI becomes 200%, 300% higher.

Start running your retargeting campaigns in TrafficHunt DMP. Our advertiser managers are always ready to assist.

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