TOP Bid: Real-Time Traffic Prices For Successful Campaign Setup


Information is the key in online advertising business. That is why TrafficHunt does its best to provide advertisers with all data required for successful campaigns setup and maintenance. Recently we’ve added one more helper into Inventory Settings – TOP Bid. Using this option, an advertiser can view the TOP bids for the available inventory. You can find out the highest bid for any narrow traffic segment.

To define the current pricing range, you do not need to analyze complicated market and campaign reports anymore: now everything you need is right on hand. The bidding model implies proportional distribution of traffic between buyers depending on their bid value. The higher bid is, the more traffic a bidder will get. Adjusting your own bid between the bottom and TOP values helps to get the required amount of traffic on the selected segments.

TOP bids are displayed both for ‘Run of Network’ and ‘Site Specific Buy’ models. If you choose ‘Site Specific Buy’, the system will automatically filter the bids on the selected ad size, country, and other params. However, you can check TOP Bids for the rest of available traffic categories.

TOP bids are already available in TrafficHunt DMP for advertisers, when setting up new campaigns or editing existing ones.

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