TrafficHunt Anti-AdBlock Technology for Ads: 20% more profit for publishers!


Currently more than 20% of online users use AdBlock, and this means that ads don’t reach 20% of the potential audience. Good news for TrafficHunt publishers: we successfully bypass AdBlock and bring you 20% additional revenue!

Statistics shows that the number of users running AdBlock constantly grows, and by 2017-2018 there will be at least 50% of US and European users with this software enabled. TrafficHunt prevents publishers from losing such a huge traffic segment.

Anti-AdBlock is highly beneficial for publishers. In average AdBlock ‘eats’ 15% – 25% of the revenue from monetizing websites, i.e. you get only 75% – 85% of your potential profit. With the unique anti-AdBlock technology from TrafficHunt you get all 100%! We secure ads from being hidden by AdBlock scripts and show them for all users with AdBlock on.

By the way, by 2017 the number of AdBlock users will grow up to 50%. That is why using Anti-AdBlock solutions is the only way to avoid drastic profit losses for publishers.

To setup Anti-AdBlock, contact your personal account manager or e-mail to our support team.

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