TrafficHunt is 2 years old today!


Today TrafficHunt celebrates its 2nd anniversary! We owe our partners, advertisers and publishers for today’s prosperity and global renown. Many thanks to you all!

While ones become older, others become better. We belong to the second category, never stopping at what we have. We always see the goals to reach and the ways to achieve them.

Over the last two years we’ve grown up to one of the biggest adult ad networks in the world. Let’s remember how it all began. It’s been a great way to who we are today!

May 1st 2014 – TrafficHunt was launched by 3 media buyers after 6 months of intensive development. It was created by experienced media buyers for media buyers, utilizing many years of practical experience in online marketing and advertising niche. We’ve made it maximally adaptable to marketers’ needs.

May 2014Real-Time Bidding launched. RTB forms natural competition between advertisers, and allows purchasing highly-performing traffic at fair market price. This is exactly how we want TrafficHunt to work!

August 2014 – Going with the time we optimized TrafficHunt interface for mobiles. It became comfortable to setup campaigns, check statistics, edit profile on mobile devices. Stay mobile, work on the go!

February 2015 – We didn’t want you to lose 98% of potential customers. To bring them back to your ads and offers, we’ve launched Retargeting. This technology tracks traffic activity, extract users interested in your product and drives them again to your ads. 300%+ ROI boost!

June 2015 – TrafficHunt got Advanced Targeting: more than 20 targeting parameters have become available. You get exactly what you need – traffic type, GEO, platform, carrier, device and other settings are predefined in campaign settings.

July 2015 – Our members got ability to optimize campaigns right from the statistic report. It became possible check the profitability of traffic from each source enabled on the campaign and remove unprofitable ones in 1 click. There is no need to go to campaign settings and manage everything from a separate screen. You should definitely try it, if haven’t yet!

October 2015 – a Marketplace section was added to the dashboard. Check the available traffic by type of traffic, spot, location and even specific website. It helps to plan the inventory for campaigns with no need to request information about available traffic from managers.

December 2015 – We’ve launched Anti-AdBlock technology for popunder ads. Regardless of any AdBlock software being installed on users’ side, popunders placed through TrafficHunt network stay stably visible online. Now it brings about 20% of additional revenue, and by 2017 this number will grow up to 50%.

April 2016CPA Goal technology was added to advertisers’ toolset. Choose only the traffic that converts well on your offer and purchase it at true market value. Moreover, maintaining and optimizing campaigns takes 80% less time and efforts.

April 1st, 2016 – TrafficHunt online support ticket system was added to advertiser and publisher dashboards. If you need any assistance from our account managers or technical specialists, submit your request right in the dashboard and get instant help.


All these innovations helped us to grow into a full-service platform for advertising and monetizing traffic. More power with more clarity – this is our approach for evolving.

In parallel to developing new features for TrafficHunt system, our team actively participates in the industry’s global events. In 2016 we’ve already visited InterNext 2016 (in January) and The European Summit 2016 (in February). You can meet us at Webmaster Access 2016 that will take place in Amsterdam on September 15-18.

We have big plans for the next few years, first of all inspired by our customers and evolving market. Let’s grow together!

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