TrafficHunt Launches Anti-AdBlock Technology for Popunders

Anti Ad Block

Presenting a web page fully free from advertisements is a disaster for publishers who want to monetize their websites. And this is exactly what AdBlock does: popunder ads become invisible on the page, and a publisher simply doesn’t get the full pay for his ad space. Good news for TrafficHunt publishers: we successfully bypass AdBlock and bring you 20% additional revenue!

Statistics shows that the number of users running AdBlock constantly grows, and by 2017-2018 there will be at least 50% of US and European users with this software enabled. TrafficHunt prevents publishers from losing such a huge traffic segment.

In average AdBlock ‘eats’ 15% – 25% of publisher’s revenue, i.e. you get only 75% – 85% of your potential profit. With the unique anti-AdBlock technology from TrafficHunt you get all 100%! We secure popunders from being hidden by AdBlock scripts and can show advertisements for those who have AdBlock on.

TrafficHunt anti-AdBlock technology brings:

  • better traffic conversion;
  • average 20% additional revenue;
  • Independence from software installed on the user’s side.

Stay with TrafficHunt for boosting the revenue from monetizing your website! Contact your PM to get more details about anti-AdBlock technology.

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