TrafficHunt launches Programmatic Advertising through OpenRTB


Over the couple months we were actively testing PROGRAMMATIC ADVERTISING with our trusted partners, and from now on this technology is available for all comers. Direct integration with our ad network gives:

  • Access to unlimited PREMIUM traffic inventory
  • Reduced costs – buying only target impressions by RTB
  • Reduced waste – no need to setup multiple sources
  • Easy integration that perfectly matches your needs

We support integration via XML-feed and OpenRTB – choose what protocol fits you better. Various ad formats are available – mobile popunders, footers, headers, interstisitials, adhesions, underplayers, etc.

The basic cooperation scheme is:


RTB technology implies selling traffic via real-time auction: the higher bid partner sets, the bigger is the chance to get it. This is how it works:


Direct integration with TrafficHunt will help to manage all your advertising needs automatically, saving lots of time and system resources.

If you want to become our demand partner, simply contact your account manager or email us to to the further instructions. After integration we perform a series of tests to ensure in correct setup and data exchange with RTB server.

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