Traffichunt launches push notifications


The most anticipated news -Traffichunt launches push notifications.

Why you should try this format:

1. The only real traffic without bots.

Users receive  the limited number of notifications per day and can unsubscribe at any time. These factors provide quality traffic and a live audience for campaigns.

2. 100% coverage and performance.

The advertising message is displayed directly on the user’s device or in the browser, which guarantees its visibility and a very high click-through rate (CTR) compared to traditional advertising formats.

3. Engaged Audience And Higher Retention

Push notifications are in essence a new generation of native ads, being native not just to the website content, but native to user interests. With push notifications you are getting an audience that is genuinely interested in the product you present.

Which offers work on this type of traffic?

Push notifications are a universal ad format that works with most types of products, services, and CPA offers. This creates new opportunities for content promotion, whether it is an offer, an announcement, a website update, or a campaign to increase brand awareness.

Why you should try this format with Traffichunt:

We manage hundreds of millions of our own ad impressions monthly.

We work with an exclusive list of direct publishers.

We can also operate as an ad-exchange; we fully support the OpenRTB protocol.

We work with CPC and CPM prepaid campaigns.

We work with worldwide traffic, you can buy push-traffic from all countries.

How to create a push notification campaign in our platform:

A new format has already appeared in our platform, in the self-serve section. Just click the “Buy Push” button in the main menu on the left. After that, you will need to choose the method of integration. “OpenRTB” may be chosen by the ad-exchanges that support the OpenRTB protocol. In case you use a direct link to the offer or tracker, choose the “Default” integration type.


On the first tab enter the selected campaign name. Here is also a choice – desktop or mobile traffic – this parameter cannot be changed later, so be attentive. In the same tab, select the desired country from the list, pricing model: CPM or CPC, and frequency capping.


On the second tab of the campaign – Targeting – there is the day parting, targeting by browser language, IP address ranges (black list or white list) and adding a black list by domain (referrer).


At the last stage of the campaign creation, we load creatives and add a title up to 30 characters, a description up to 40 characters, and a link.


If you have any questions or need help at any stage – contact your personal manager or online chat. This is a red chat window in the lower right corner of each page.

Your Traffichunt team!

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