We are 3 years old today!


Dear clients and partners, every day you inspire us to become better, capture new market niches and extend our services with new, profitable options. Many thanks – you move us further!

The first three years can fit in the following figures:


Our team grew up from 5 people in 2014 to more than 50 in 2017. These are the ones who take care about your campaigns, control security, communicate with top traffic vendors and global advertising partners to provide you with the best capabilities on the market. And of course, we constantly work on improving the service quality, integrating new features to our network. Here are the updates for 2016:

May 2016 – Security system upgrade: we improved personal data and account protection to make all operations in TrafficHunt network fully secured from outer attacks.

October 2016 – We started active development of Entertainment vertical, offering the highest quality traffic for campaigns in this niche.

January 2017 – IP Ranges: this targeting capability allows getting traffic from certain IP addresses.

February 2017 – Creative WEIGHT: defines what part of campaign traffic a certain banner will be displayed to.

We also did lots of minor UI improvements and bug fixes to improve usability and make everything work smoother.

The geography of our business travels to conferences is:


We have big plans for the upcoming year: TrafficHunt will scale up its inventory, open new verticals, attend a range of global online marketing events and of course, integrate lots of technical improvements. Follow the blog to be aware of all events and upgrades.

And, we have a special gift for our active and potential advertisers. Anyone who will spend $100+ on Mainstream traffic during May 1-31 will receive a 30% cashback. Are you in? Contact our account managers for more details!

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